Excellence Requires Effort!

Preparation - Test programs must be well thought out in advance in order to result in the best data, in the most cost efficient manner. Before a test program is initiated, the engineer must assure that the results of the testing will net the required data.

Open Minded - Variations in design philosophy, changing technology and changing environments constantly challenge the test professional to think beyond the "test to spec" mentality.

Honesty - When a problem is encountered in a test program, it is the engineer’s responsibility to analyze the process, as well as the product, to provide possible solutions.

Objectiveness - The results of each test program must be substantiated with objective data derived by utilizing the best engineering practices.

Knowledge - Professional services require engineering expertise and experience.

Credibility - We rely upon sound engineering judgment to establish credibility.

Quality - Test data must withstand scrutiny.

Integrity - At AECO we strive to dazzle you with integrity, not baffle you with bravado.

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