Product Safety

The American Environments Company, Inc. (AECO) provides measurement of a product's electrical and mechanical safety properties.

Insulation and isolation characteristics of your product are evaluated by measuring dielectric withstanding voltage (DWV), insulation resistance (IR) and leakage current. These measurements are made under ambient or controlled environmental conditions.

The physical properties of your product are quantified by measuring stress and strain, proof pressure and burst pressure.

A product's performance is evaluated in controlled wet, dusty or explosive atmosphere environments. Product generated acoustic noise, vibration and electromagnetic signatures are measured.

AECO performs testing in accordance with safety standards from: European Normalized Standards, AAMI, ANSI, ASTM, FAA, FDA, IEEE, NEMA, SAE, Original Equipment Manufacturers, UL and the US Military .

Link to a complete list of AECO's Test Standards Sources.

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