Space Simulation Facility

American Environments’ Thermal Vacuum Test Facilities simulate space conditions.

  • Thermal Vacuum
  • Temperature Cycling
  • Solar Radiation
  • Gas Properties
  • Electrical Feedthroughs
  • Hydraulic Penetrations
  • Gas Penetrations
  • Observation Windows
Simulations include vacuum levels of 1 x 10-9 TORR, controlled temperatures from -100° F. (-73° C.) to +260° F. (+127° C.) with solar radiation capability. Custom environmental and mechanical test requirements can be met upon request. During long term testing the system is programmed to cycle temperature and vacuum and provide command signals. Command signals are utilized to synchronize the operation of the test specimen and to control AECO, or client provided, special test equipment. Ancillary equipment is available to measure temperatures, pressure, vacuum level, solar radiation and the electrical characteristics of the equipment under test. The facility is also equipped with an integral Mass Spectrometer to identify the properties and potential sources of out gassing. Analog and Digital equipment will provide a permanent record of the test environment and when required, specimen operating characteristics. Linkages can be configured to perform remote mechanical operation of the test specimen. Our experienced staff will support your testing effort, provide detailed procedures and the technical assistance to ensure a quality test.

Whether you're looking for a standard test or have a unique testing problem, we can help. We have the experience that you can rely on and the creativity to solve your problem.