AECO has various size facilities capable of simulating altitudes from below sea level to space conditions. Altitude Testing is used to evaluate products likely to be:
Stored and/or operated at high ground elevation sites.
Transported or operated in an aircraft.
Exposed to a rapid or explosive decompression.
Carried externally on an aircraft.
A missile component.
Typical Compact Altitude Chamber Installed on a satellite.
Effects of Low Pressure Environments
Thermal Effects
Overheating of materiel due to reduced heat transfer.
Leakage of gases or fluids from gasket-sealed enclosures.
Deformation, rupture or explosion of sealed containers.
Change in physical and chemical properties of low-density materials.
Evaporation of lubricants.
Erratic starting and operation of engines.
Failure of hermetic seals.
Erratic operation or malfunction of materiel resulting from arcing or corona.
  Altitude Data Sheet
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