The immersion test is performed to determine if a product can withstand immersion or partial immersion (e.g., fording) in water and operate as required during or following immersion.
Use this method for products that may be exposed to partial or complete immersion, with or without operation.
Products that are required to operate in standing water Submersible Components
Submarine Components Transit Cases
Amphibious Vehicles Marine Drivetrain Components
Underwater Tools Sealed Packages
Penetration of water into materiel or packaging enclosures can result in problems.
Fouling of lubricants between moving parts.
Formation of electrically conductive paths which may cause electrical or electronic equipment to malfunction or become unsafe to operate.
Corrosion due to direct exposure to the water or to the relatively high humidity levels caused by the water.
Impairment of the burning qualities of explosives, propellants, fuels, etc.
Failure of vehicle engines to operate.
Test Methods
Immersion Fording
External Hydrostatic Pressure Internal Hydrostatic Pressure
Related Test Methods
Dripping Water Blowing Rain
Rain Water Tightness
Depth of Immersion Duration of Immersion
Test Item Configuration Partial or Complete Immersion
Water Temperature Test Specimen Temperature
Tiedowns External or Internal Pressure
Procedure Selection
When selecting procedures, consider:
The operational purpose of the Test Specimen, determine the functions to be performed by the Test Specimen when partially or completely immersed in water.
The natural exposure circumstances.
The test data required to determine whether the operational purpose of the Test Specimen has been met.
Test Item Configuration
Use a test item configuration that reproduces, as close as possible, the anticipated configuration during storage or use, such as:
Enclosed in a shipping container, storage container or transit case.
Protected or unprotected.
Deployed realistically or with restraints, such as with openings that are normally covered.
Typical Test Standards
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