Fluid Compatibility

Fluid Compatibility testing is used to determine if a product is affected by various fluids.
The product's finish, labels, seal properties and operation can be damaged by contact with fluids utilized as solvents, lubricants, fuel or cleaning solutions.
This test is typically performed on aircraft components and other products that come in contact with various fluids.
Test Method
Fluid Compatibility testing is generally performed by immersing or spraying a sample with the test fluids of interest, followed by a drying period at an elevated temperature. Frequently more than one test specimen is submitted for test. When multiple samples are tested it is the general practice to subject one sample to each fluid of interest.
Typical Test Fluids
The following table lists some of the typical fluids specified for use in this test. In cases where fluids are not be available in economic quantities, commercially available substitutes or equivalents are often used.
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