An acceleration test is performed to assure that Test Specimens can withstand steady state inertia loads.
Structural Test
The Structural Test is used to demonstrate that equipment will withstand the loads induced by in-service accelerations without mechanical damage.
Operational Test
The Operational Test is used to demonstrate that equipment will operate without degradation during, and after, being subjected to loads induced by in-service acceleration. Equipment to be tested is normally subjected to both operational and structural testing.
Crash Safety
The Crash Safety test is used to demonstrate that Test Specimen will not disintegrate or be torn loose from its mounts by crash accelerations.
Acceleration results in loads on mounting hardware and internal loads within Test Specimens. All elements of the Test Specimen are loaded, including fluids. Effects include:
Structural deflections that interfere with proper operation.
Permanent deformation and fractures that disable or destroy the Test Specimen.
Broken fasteners and supports that result in loose parts within the Test Specimen.
Broken mounting hardware that results in loose Test Specimens within a platform.
Electronic circuit boards that short out and circuits that open up.
Inductor and capacitors that change value.
Relays that open or close.
Actuators and other mechanisms that bind.
Seals that leak.
Pressure and flow regulators that change value.
Pumps that cavitate.
Spools in servo valves that are displaced.
Equipment Testing Facility
Our ten-foot diameter centrifuge has the capability of producing accelerations greater than those occurring in normal commercial and military aircraft service..
In order to verify equipment operation during acceleration testing there are provisions to provide the equipment under test with electrical power and to monitor electronic or hydraulic function.
Component Testing Facility
High force acceleration facilities are available to subject components to acceleration levels up to 30,000 g’s
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