Seismic Test Facilities

American Environments Company, Inc. maintains unidirectional and phase coherent seismic facilities. Testing is intended to determine a product's ability to functional normally during and after an earthquake. The facilities are designed to support the telecommunication and power industry test standards. The facilities comply with the requirements of IEEE 344 and Bellcore GR-63-CORE, Zones 1 through 4. Each facility is computer controlled by a digital vibration control system and is fully supported

Control Capabilities

Horizontal Seismic Facility

Facility Support
Sine Vibration Shop Air
Random Vibration Hydraulic Power
Seismic Overhead Crane
Sine On Random Vibration Video Tape Capability
Random On Random Vibration Data Acquisition
Time History Electrical Power
Response Spectrum Telco 23" and 19" Frames
  Frame Adapters
  Dummy Weights
Parameters Facility
Vertical Horizontal Phase Coherent
Table Size 36" X 36" 36" X 36" 30" X 30"
Capacity 7,500 pounds force 7,500 pounds force 15,000 pounds force

Fixtures are available to accommodate Test Specimens which are larger than the table size.

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