This test is intended to simulate the unrestrained collision of the test item with the bed and sides of the transport vehicle as well as with other cargo.
The loose cargo environment includes conditions experienced by packaged and unpackaged items transported as unsecured cargo on a vehicle traversing irregular surfaces. The cargo has the freedom to bounce, scuff, or collide with other items of cargo or with the sides of the vehicle. This environment is simulated in the laboratory by imparting motion to the test item and allowing it to collide with restraints established within the test setup.
Test Method
The test conditions for this test are based on the results of a study that determined that testing of packaged items on a package tester in a circular mode with a plywood-covered bed at 300 rpm provides a reasonable simulation of the loose cargo transportation.
Typical Test Specifications
ASTM D-999 FED-STD-101
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