Vibration testing is used to determine the response of a test specimen to mechanical excitation encountered in it's shipping or operational environment. Vibration testing can also precipitate manufacturing or latent defects in products or components.
American Environments Company generates vibration environments utilizing either Dynamic, Hydraulic or Mechanical vibration systems. 

 AECO provides full service vibration testing. We control, measure and analyze vibration events.

 Random Vibration (PSD)  Sinusoidal Vibration
 Random on Random  Sine on Random
 Gunfire Vibration  Shipboard Vibration
 Common Carrier (Transportation)  Seismic
Measurement & Analyses
 Transmissibility  Airborne Noise
 Resonances  Structureborne Noise
 Modal Analyses   Rotating Machinery Signature
Defects Precipitated by Vibration
 Defective, Broken or Improperly Installed Parts   Poor Solder Connections
 Chaffed or Pinched Wires  Loose Fasteners, Contacts, Wire Terminations or Hardware
 Intermittent electrical contacts  Touching and shorting of electrical parts
 Seal deformation  Component fatigue
 Optical misalignment  Structural defects, cracking or rupturing
 Loosening of particles or parts that may become lodged in circuits or mechanisms  Excessive electrical noise
Typical Test Specifications
  MIL-STD-202  IEEE 344
  MIL-STD-810  RTCA DO-160
  MIL-STD-883  SAE
Whether you're looking for a standard test or have a unique testing problem, we can help. We have the experience that you can rely on and the creativity to solve your problem.